10 Practical Life Hacks: Making Everyday Living Simpler


The quest for practical life hacks that streamline everyday activities is an ongoing one. Amid our hectic schedule and ceaseless tasks, the crucial role of straightforward hacks remains unrivaled. Let’s unravel some of these innovative and necessary life strategies that can be seamlessly incorporated into our daily routines.

10 Practical Life Hacks: Making Everyday Living Simpler

Acing Time Management

Effectual management of time is a life skill mastered by few. Yet, it serves as a solid foundation for simplifying and organizing life better.

Utilizing Time Boxing Technique

The time boxing technique, a key method for better time management, involves dedicating specific time frames for each job, thus ensuring undisrupted focus for each chore.

Implementing The Two-Minute Rule

Inspired by David Allen’s productivity mantra – Getting Things Done (GTD), the two-minute rule recommends immediate completion of tasks that require less than two minutes.

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Organizing & De-cluttering

Cleanliness facilitates focused thinking. Here are some life hacks for a neatly organized lifestyle.

Applying The One-Touch Rule

The One-Touch rule, an organizational strategy, prescribes dealing with objects only once. Pick a thing and immediately put it in its rightful place, barring transport between locations.

Document Digitization

Digitizing critical documents ensures their easy availability and also aids in reducing clutter, making the retrieval process more manageable.

Embracing Minimalism

Minimalism entails focus on essentials and dispensing with the unnecessary. This approach allows focus on what truly counts.

Employing The 90/90 Rule

The 90/90 rule suggests that if an object has not been used for 90 days and there’s no plan to use it in the next 90 days, it’s time to dispose of it – a terrific hack for minimalist living enthusiasts.

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Health & Fitness

Our health is our most valuable asset. Some life hacks for healthy living are:

Incorporate Physical Activities

Returns to physical activity in your daily routine. Choose walking or cycling over driving. Opt for stairs over an elevator.

Hydration Habit

A well-hydrated body performs better. Develop a habit of drinking a glass of water every hour.

Digital Techniques

There are numerous life hacks for simplifying digital life.

Password Managers

Password managers are tools that store and create unique, robust passwords for each online account you own.

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Email Filters

Automate your inbox using email filters and rules to avoid losing important emails amidst junk mail.


Simple, yet effective life hacks can amplify our productivity.

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique consists of intensive work for 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break. This cycle is repeated four times before a longer break of 15 minutes.

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To-Do Lists

Create daily to-do lists. This elemental, yet powerful hack keeps you focused and helps track your progress.


The impact of practical life hacks on simplifying everyday life can’t be stressed enough. Adopting these practices can boost efficiency, lucidity, and foster a serene mindset. Start incorporating these life hacks – live smarter and more productively.

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